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HSH Shadow Dragu-Mihai's professional work in

film, TV and photography
some current assignments
upcoming projects.


To review HSH Shadow Dragu-Mihai's professional photo galleries, covering a variety of genres and topics from art through commercial:

Human Rights

Learn some details about HSH Shadow Dragu-Mihai's works on

House Dragu-Mihai

Learn about HSH Shadow Dragu-Mihai's role in
the Romanian Royal & Princiary House,
House Dragu-Mihai.
And visit
the web presence for the House at
House Dragu-Mihai.

Welcome to Shadowmihai.com

Shadowmihai.com is the official web page for HSH Shadow Dragu-Mihai, Executor for the Romanian Princiary house, House Dragu-Mihai.

Shadowmihai.com and dragumihai.com are the only authorized and accurate sources for professional and personal information for Prince Shadow, as well as detailing his activities on human rights and advocacy. You are welcomed to view this site and use the social media links to follow Shadow on other places on the world-wide web. Inquries can be made on the contact page.

Visit HSH Shadow Dragu-Mihai's photography label at:


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