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I am Shadow Mihai, photographer, director, producer and writer, and this is the official site for information from and about me. I produce, write and direct in feature film, television, music video, live theatre and other media. On this site you can get information first hand about my various projects, and you can read and comment on the blogs I publish here.

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View my photography gallery for samples of some of the work I do in professional photography. View my photo blogs for regular and periodic new work that is not placed into the galleries.  If you are interested in commissioning photographic work from me, please contact me using the contact form on this site.

[May 3, 2014] Aethrium Pictures is announced. Aetherium Pictures is a brand new paradigm in film studios. If you are in the film industry or you want to get into it, and you are interested in cryptocurrency, bitcoin and decentralized corporate structures, you MUST get involved with Aetherium Pictures.

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