The United Democratic Commonwealth

HSH Shadow Dragu-Mihai is one of the founding members and a member of the legislative council of the United Democratic Commonwealth.

The United Democratic Commonwealth is a delegative democracy, a soveriegn state created on January 23, 2015. It is a progressive political structure which by design derives power and rights from people, rather than the top-down politics of most of history, in which a person is granted rights by a superior power called a state. In the UDC, all government organs are merely legal adminsitrative arms of the members (all of whom are real people), with complete transparency and which are answerable directly to the people. Corporations and other 'legal fictions' have no ability to affect politics within the UDC, and as such things can never be people, have no "constitutional' rights which can over-ride those of real people. Politics is only for natural human beings.

As of August 2015 The United Democratic Commonwealth is involved in internal constitutional discussions. The UDC elected a First Administrative Council previously to see it through this process as well as establish legal presence in the world, which it is undertaking. Some (though few) details of the UDC early discussions can be see on the UDC forums hosted by the Dragu-Mihai Institute.

<April 18, 2016> HSH Shadow Dragu-Mihai is now the Secretary General for the United Democratic Commonwealth.
<April 18, 2-16> Citizen discussions are no longer public on All UDC citizens are entitled to participate in direct-democracy policy decisions, and general public from around the world may see all public UDC information at the United Democratic Commonwealth world-wide information gateway by following the procedures there.