Shadow Dragu-Mihai - Writer

Shadow Dragu-Mihai is an accomplished writer. His work spans the dramatic and poetic including the many feature film and shorter scripts he has written over the year, to the technical and legal writing embodied in the constitutional and legal documents of the United Democratic Commonwealth (for which he serves as Chief Legistative Officer).

Shadow wrote the script for the drama-action film Bashing, currently available on Amazon. Other work includes the scipt for Daughters of Legend starring Golden Globe winner Sally Kirkland, and the new age documentary Six Steps to Developing Your Sixth Sense hosted by Stephen Dorff.

Currently in preparation are two feature films and a short subject which Shadow authored.

Assessing the artistic merits of a script is part of Shadow's work as a producer and director, which as a creative director himself he takes very seriously. "Any producer who relies on script coverage, typically written by students and other unproduced writers, by definition doesn't trust his or her own abilities," observes Shadow, "The presentation of story and the articulation of symbol is what producing and directing is about."