Shadow Dragu-Mihai - Producer

Shadow Dragu-Mihai is an exceptionally broadly-experienced Producer. His many years in production from devel aopment through delivery lend him a wholistic technical and creative producing knowledge.

Shadow's professional work in entertainment includes active work as a jazz trumpeter, an entertainment attorney, cinematographer, writer, director, coordinator, and much more. His hands-on production spans from Production Assistant to Executive Producer. He works in feature film, series, short form, unscripted and digital production. There is very little Shadow has not done on a film set and this broad experience informs his ability to plan and manage productions with budgets from "0" to many millions.

Shadow Dragu-Mihai is available for development and initial consulting, budgeting and scheduling of entertainment projects. Development services often encompass budget breakdowns and preparation of budget and schedule, script consulting, pitch deck preparation, talent attachments and casting, and other development serices.

Preparation & Preproduction services are of course planning, crewing, contractual organization, legal issues, union and state/government compliance, and the myriad of production preparation which go into creation of an entertainment product.

Important recent projects Shadow has worked on is as Supervising Producer on Daughters of Legend (starring Golden Globe winner Sally Kirkland) - which Shadow also wrote, Supervising Producer on the feature film The Box directed by Sasha Sibley, and both Production Manager and 1st Assist Director the eminent Amir Naderi's feature film Magic Lantern starring Golden Globe winner Jacqueline Bisset, which premiered in August 2018 at the Venice International Film Festival in Italy.

For a list of Shadow's recent productions, see Shadow's recent projects list.