Budgeting & Scheduling

Added to his years in hands-on production and production management, Shadow Dragu-Mihai has a background in accounting and as a practicing entertainment lawyer.

All media projects need skilled and accurate budgets and schedules prepared. Usually, this is required at an earlier stage than most might expect.

For instance, many people will rely on a simple "proforma" budget in the effort to avoid the higher cost of a complete breakdown, budget and schedule. However, no serious investor will consider such a budget as anything relating to the real likely costs of a production. They will require a proper budget and schedule as part of their assessment. So paying for a proforma budget (when you will have to create a full one anyway) actually  adds an unnecessary step and expense to the overall production. Moreover, without a proper schedule and breakdown, it may be impossible to assess important costs and identify the most efficient production.

Shadow works with budgets from ULB and low, to the 15-20 million range. He can budget union or non-union projects, live action, animation, theatre or  and other live events. Rates are dependent on the budget range and difficulty in breakdowns and scheduling, so a direct consult is required to estimate that.