Overlords Of Magick - Behind The Scenes

At the time I write this photo-blog, I am working as Director Of Photography in the low-budget feature-length comedy Overlords Of Magick,by writer-director Sherman Hirsh, the mind behind the cult film Lords Of Magick (find it on youtube). It is my fourth (or fifth, depending on how you count) feature film as Director Of Photography.

Here are some images from set, with the very talented actors. BTS, in-scene and between scenes, and a couple publicity concepts. Not much else to say at this time.  See my art/commercial site studiomenage.com for more images.


Overlords Of Magick - Publicity Image 01
Canopic Jars
setting the scene
Overlord Of Magick threatens his captive
Convincing a willing sacrifice
"Gwen" back from the dead.
"Nefer-tootsie" converses with the Pharaoh
The Heroes discussing strategy
The Parking Pixie makes things difficult.
Gwen is captured - or saved?
Overlords Of Magick - Publicity Image 02