What are your Video Directing/Producing rates?

Because I consider any size of professional production, I do not use a standard rate. It depends on your budget. However, I look at the following guidelines:

  • what is your budget?
  • what is the scope of the work required of me?
  • what creative control as a director or producer does the engagement permit me?
  • what is the size of the production?
  • how long is the engagement for?
  • is there travel involved?

I can consider flat fee, daily, weekly or monthly rates.  On low and very low budget productions, I will take smaller rates and perhaps points on the back end. On higher budget productions, my rates can go as high as those set on the DGA schedule for that kind of show.  It all depends.Having said that, the rates I generally work around range from $350/day or part through $2000/day or part.