What Directing services do you offer?

Do you prefer to work on any particular kind of project? Are there kinds of productions you don't do? What do you require from a production in order to do you job effectively?

Directing is what I do best and I offer full directorial services, for live theatre or filmed shows, and for any size project from commericals, short-shorts, webisodes and music videos through series and feature films.

I do any genre and format, with the exceptions of pornography and slasher films (which I consider a kind of pornography).

As a director, ideally I am brough in early, even before the script is finalized (in the case of an original work). The director is the primary creative mind that will translate that script to the stage or screen, so it is important to be involved as early as possible.

As my background includes performance on the one hand, and on the other cinematorgaphy, editing and visual effects, I understand and mix well with everyone on a production. I can communicate with actors in their language, and with the cinematographer in her language.

My consuming concern is to bring out the best from every person and every part of the production, so that the most interesting product will be created.

To do this, to the extent possible within a project, I require directorial control over casting, hiring of key creative and technical people (cinematographer, visual effects people, choreographer, etc.), of course control over the set during production, and the right to a "first final cut." I do not normally work with a casting director, but use a casting assistant. Of course, sometimes certain people are already attached to a project when it comes to me, and I will consider that when deciding to accept the appointment.