HDR Image - Halloran Summit Sphynx

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This is my first experiment with HDR photography - taken of a favorite landmark which I call the Halloran Summit Sphynx, visible from the south-bound side of the I-15 in California, not far from the Nevada state border.

Can you see the sphynx?

HDR photography is taken with 3 (or more) bracketed exposures from identical locations and lenses.  Here it was a Sigma 50mm lens on my 5Dmkii at f/16, ISO 100, at 1/100th, 1/250th and 1/40th of a second shutter speed. I composited the exposures in Photomatix 5 Pro and finsihed it in Photoshop CS6.

I really like the color and light distribution in these images.

In retrospect I should have used my 20mm lens to capture a wider view, or perhaps my 24-70 at ~28mm wide. That way I would not have cut off the "front paw" section in the one image or the back end in the other. Oh well, live and learn.