San Francisco Quick Trip

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I took a quick trip to San Francisco in late January 2014. It's a long way from Las Vegas - about 9 hours - and I zig-zagged through Las Angeles on the way to check up on some business there.

While in San Francisco, my partner and I took a few hours to see the city. Here are a couple pics showing the amazingly straight streets (viewed from the tops of hills) and the incredible fields outside the city.  The corner of Sunshine and Susalito is in a small cliffside community on the far side of the Golden Gate Bridge.

We hope to travel to San Francisco for work in the near future. It's got such a vibrant energy and apparent beauty, despite being such an urban place.  Of course, the many places to go in the city and just outside of it are amazing as well.

Photos with my canon 5D mkii and 28-135mm lens.

Straight Streets and hills in San Francisco
More Straight Streets and hills in San Francisco
Sunshine and Sausalito, San Francisco
Field Outside San Francisco