Nellis Air Force Training Photos

Working on reality television as I do, I spend lots and lots of time in Las Vegas, Nevada.  In case you hadn't noticed, it has become a staple of reality shows - almost a requirement of the format in fact - that the show either be shot entirely in Las Vegas or it goes there more than once.

When in Las Vegas, I tend to stay far, far away from the strip. First of all, you cannot realistically drive on the strip between noon on Friday till noon on Sunday any week, especially holiday or heavy convention weeks (which seems to be every week). I usually stay at an inexpensive and very clean extended stay place in North Las Vegas. It happens to be only a couple hundred feet from Nellis Air force Base. So I have gotten used to the daily and weekly activity from Nellis, which starts usually at or about 10am most days, and can continue on intermittently into the late evening.

One day I couldn't resist taking photos of the incessant training flights that go on over my sleeping place. Here are a few selected images. I took these with a Canon 5Dmkii and an obsolete 100-300mm lens. They came out okay, I thought.

I have since abandoned the old 100-300mm as it is way too soft at the far and, and it focuses much too slow. I replaced it with a much better 70-300mm USM IS lens which is quick focusing and tack-sharp to the point of competing with my best L lenses.  Oddly, Canon has discontinued this great lens with a 75-300mm zoom which is not as sharp and not as rugged. If you find one, make sure you get it...


Jet over North Las Vegas
Dogfight Over Las Vegas
Las Vegas Flight
Training Flight Over Las Vegas