Tyson Mansion Shoot

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I did a photo shoot with "duinker" Guy Dupuy and some of the promo work was at the Mike Tyson Mansion in Las Vegas. See a composite of Guy Dupuy leaping over a ferrari and dunking in the sports section of my gallery. Here are a couple images taken from the interior of the mansion.

Architectural photography often involves wide and ultra-wide angle lenses, as well as sometimes difficult lighting situations. (The minxx of light color from various sources and light avialability is often an issue).  Wide lenses need correction in post editing to adjust for distortion, like slanted walls and elongated features.  Great and expensive lenses are no less susceptible to distortion in geometry than cheaper ones, for the purposes of showing true architectural images.

The Tyson Mansion photos shown in my gallery are no exception; the kitchen and spa in particular required extreme correction to reflect their actual geometry.

Here are a couple images in addition to what is seen in the architectural section of my gallery.

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Foutnain Lion - Tyson Mansion
Indoor Fountain - Tyson Mansion
Back Yard - Tyson Mansion