Boxing Photo Shoot

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In January 2014 I had the pleasure to work with the legendary Floyd Mayweather Sr. on an as-yet-to-be-released reality show featuring him and other famous trainers Ruben Guerrero and Yoel Judah.

I worked as video camera operator for behind-the-scenes, interviews, and additional camera operator on fight sequences. I had personal access and permission to take pictures for my own account between shooting and of course outside the set.

I found working with the cast of boxers to be inspiring and of course exciting (I love the sport). Here are a few of my favorite shots from the experience. See more in the personality and sports catergories of my gallery on this website.

Boxers all want publicity; its part of the game. But I found them to a man a bit shy of the still camera lens outside the ring. Still, with a very little direction, they worked well for my camera.

There are very specific challenges in photographing action as kinetic as boxing. Of course there are the issues of enough light and shutter speed, but most of all is how do you captureg the right moment when everything is moving a mile-a-second? Unlike many action photographers, I most often use a single frame capture - I do not take miles of images hoping to find that right one, even here. I rely on my background in martial arts and in action cinematography to let me know when something interesting is coming. As you can see, I still capture compelling and action-packed moments.

Images are copyright 2014 Shadow Mihai All Rights Reserved, and you can obtain permission to use or purchase a limited print license to these and other images by contacting me on the contact form.

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Boxers Said Quali and Denis Douglin between scenes
Stacy McKinley waiting in the ring
Uppercut frozen by the camera!