Chicago Concert Photoshoot

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I had the pleasure of being given a media pass and permission to shoot photos of Chicago in concert at the LVH in September 2012.

Here are a couple images from that event.

These represent the type of images I like to get from personalities at events, public or private. People in the moment, relating to each other, not posing for the camera.

I used my Canon 5Dmkii and in this instance a very old and outdated 100-300mm lens. Although I had a media pass, I was asked to remain by the camera operators (who were documenting the concert for television). I was also working a video camera for a private party (again, who had obtained permission) so I had to remain there anyway...

Images are copyright 2012 Shadow Mihai All Rights Reserved, and you can obtain permission to use or purchase a limited print license to these and other images by contacting me on the contact form.

Click on the thumbnails to open in a color box at larger size!

Chicago In Concert at LVH
Chicago On Stage - LVH
Chicago at LVH