Working With Lloyd Kaufman on Hellitosis

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I am first A.D. on the feature schlock-horror flick Hellitosis: The Legend of Stankmouth.  So I said to myself I would never direct a slasher pic. That doesn't mean I cannot assistant-direct somone else's movie. (I am also Associate Producer on this film).  This one is produced by director/Producer Robert Mulligan and his Capacity Productions.

I had to make an exception for this film, because it has indie film legend Lloyd Kaufman in a short guest sequence - Lloyd plays poor Jeremiah, who is beaten and slashed to death by one of the film's baddies. If you are any kind of film buff at all, you know who Lloyd is, and if you are an independent film maker, you probably idolize him. Lloyd is the man behind Troma entertainment Inc.(the oldest independent film company around): Toxic Avenger, Poultrygeist, Nuke 'Em High and so many more low budget (and memorable!) movies. He makes them and distributes them independently and has a very big hate on for the mainstream (mainstream hates him as well, I do believe). I do believe that Troma will have a part in distributing Hellitosis, but I do not know for sure.

It was a real pleasure to work with film legend Lloyd Kaufman, and a bunch of us got pictures with him. Here is the better one of two - taken after his scene. Wished to get another without the blood but I had a scene to do and he had to get out of his makeup and off to his hotel...

Really, it is one of the highlights of my film career to be able to work with Lloyd.

HSH Prince Shadow Dragu-Mihai & Lloyd Kaufman