Floyd Mayweather and KNOCKOUT

In January-February 2014 I had the pleasure to work with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Sr. while doing behind the scenes camera and principal camera on the NuVo tv series KNOCKOUT.  If you followed the show, or if you watch boxing clips on youtube, you saw Floyd and rival boxing trained Ruben Guerrero go at it... well it is true, those guys have bad blood and when both showed up on set at the same time it was never certain if things would stay controlled.

It was a great experience to work with Floyd, who seems still as fast and accurate a fighter as he was in his heyday, when I followed his career as a fan. He's not all there mentally... takes a bit for him to warm up in a conversation, assumedly the result of years of blows to the head.  As a lover of combat sports, this was a joy to work on overall.  Trainer Yoel Judah is fantastic and Ruben is quite a character, and even though Floyd talks slow at the start, he revs up and its apparent his brain is still working. The up-and-coming boxers were (mostly) all great guys. See some of their headshots in my portfolio under "personalities", as well as another Floyd Mayweather image.


And yeah, director "Emilio Ferrari" (probably not his legal name) stiffed many crew the last week of their earnings...


Floyd Mayweather Sr. on Location in KNOCKOUT
Floyd Mayweather Sr. training on Location in KNOCKOUT
Floyd Mayweather Sr. training on Location in KNOCKOUT