The Global Citizenship Project

The Global Citizenship Project is an initiative spearheaded by HSH Shadow Dragu-Mihai and supported by House Dragu-Mihai and the United Democratic Commonwealth. It aims (among others) to:

  1. ensure there is no such thing as nationless or "stateless" peoples in the world;
  2. address the absurb situation that a human being needs 'recognition' by a state in order to have human rights.
  3. provide a legal and demographic basis for a citizenry that cannot be opposed by rogue states, power elites or terrorist states.
  4. provie a legal basis for standing before the UN and other givernment and supra-national entities for peoples who are disenfranchised or abused by their local states and power elites.
  5. provide a legal and demographic basis for a world-wide democratic citizenry which can supersede the current tribal and geopolitical organizations of states.

It might be assumed by some, especially those living in the western states, that such things are within the purview of the United Nations. This is not the case. The organizational structure of the United Nations, and its history, is established to promote and maintain a world-wide hegemony for a small number of western states, regardless of the actual democratic experience within those states. This viewpoint may seem provocative in the USA and Britain, for example, but it is hardly controversial in the majority of the world.

This is not to say that the United Nations does nothing in these areas. In particular, the United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees has an initiative to end "statelessness" by 2025.  It is unrealistic, however, to expect results from the UN which lead to any real empowerment for the many millions of people on this planet who have no effective government protection or facility with which to live their lives. Moreover, such actions are perforce taken with the attitude that western power is most important, and the offensive assumption that human rights must be "granted" by a state.  The long history of the UN - and one cannot argue the many great and laudable programs which it has undertaken - has been within the context of the hegemony of western powers and the subordination of actual democratic and human rights issues far below that agenda. It is naieve in the extreme - perhaps even stupid - to expect this to change.

The recent experience of the Masai peoples in trying to protect their homeland from being simply appropriated by the government of Tanzania for the apallingly ridiculous purpose of giving the royal family of Dubai a private game preserve is but one example; the Masai as a group of actual, living people have no standing before the UN and the UN, while aware of the situation, took no action or in fact any official notice at all of the circumstances. Another example is the recent resignation of the UN investigator in frustration because she could make no meaningful progress from that body against those pursuing murder, genocide and war crimes in Darfur. These are but two examples among very many which in their details highlight the supremacy of geopolitics and  state interests (as well as the personal elites entrenched within those structures) over the protection of human beings.

-- HSH Shadow Dragu-Mihai

The Global Citizenship Project is in its infancy. HSH Shadow Dragu-Mihai and the project are seeking interested, effective and talented people and support. If you are one, contact us through the contact page on this site.