Behind-The-Scenes with Danielle Delaite Shooting Stars Video

Had the  pleasure of working with the beautiful and talented Australian singer Danielle Delaite (see her website) while she worked on the video for her single Shooting Stars.
I got to do behind-the-scenes photos, and Danielle graciously posed for me for some publicity images, too.

Here though, are a few selects from the behind-the-scenes portion of the shoot.
The shoot was at the famous abandoned Rock-a-Hoola water park in Newberry Springs California. I see this location every time I travel between Las Vegas and Los Angeles, which I do often. I have always wanted to do a photo shoot there - it is one of the most fantasized-about locations of photographers and film-makers - so when I had the chance to work with Danielle, how could I refuse?

Danielle Delaite Shooting Stars
Danielle Delaite - Makkeup Touchup
Danielle Delaite On Set
Danielle Delaite On Camera
Danielle Delaite - BTS