Current Assignment(s)

Shadow is currently entertaining a number of engagements as First Assistant Director or LP/UPM on feature films, to take place from September through the beginning of November 2015.

His is currently engaged with the following projects:

Distinguished Gentlemen
Shadow Dragu-Mihai is currently the First Assistant Director for the 13 episode hour-long series Distinguished Gentlemen created and produced by Shavsha Israel and VAHS Entertainment, for Netflix. Distinguished Gentlemen, a drama and comedy, follows the lives of several teenagers in an inner-city high school. Shot in Los Angeles at various locations including Crespi Carmelite High School. This series shot over the summer of 2015, as of end of August is in a short hiatus before recommencing and completing principal photography.

World War One Art Photo Series
Shadow is producing two limited edition art photography projects (as yet untitled) commemorating the centenary years of World War One. The first series is composed of photographic re-interpretations of some of the famous propaganda posters from the war; the second series is all-original work using symbols from the period. The series will each produce six originally-signed and limited edition artworks, resulting giclee canvas process and fine photo paper process of various sizes. Advance subscriptions are available.

Decorative Photo Works
Shadow continues to compile interior decorative works for wall-hangings / artwork for commercial office, hotel, motel and similar venues. These are designed to be unobtrusive but visually interesting decor with a number of color schemes, for framing. View and purchase works on Shadow's photography fulfillment site at pixelproofs.com.