Albert & Robert on Amish RENOgades

It was a pleasure to work on the renovation show Amish Renogades when they were in Vegas and Palm Springs rec

Area 51 Stars

In May, 2014 I visited Area 51 and Rachel Nevada, to take day and night

Isis and Osiris Over Area 51

If you follow my photo blogs you know that I visited Area 51 and Rachel, Nevada in November 2012 as part of the production crew on

Flipping Vegas! (and I mean that)

Yes, I have recently relocated from Las Vegas to Los Angeles but as has happened consistently over the last three years...


Aethereum Pictures Logo

I am announcing AETHEREUM PICTURES, the worlds first film studios whose financial and distribution structure are both based on the decentralized *cryptocurrency model.  If you are interested in investment with cryptocurrency (like bitcoin) or physical world cash, OR if you are a creator/crew/vendor who does or will accept cryptocurrency, contact me via the contact page and select 'Aethereum' under the subject list.

NOTE ===> Before you receive any information about Aethereum Pictures to your inquiry:

Stills From Feature "Grand Gesture" aka "7:20"

I recently had the opportunity to be First Assistant Director - and double as still photographer - on Dana Verde's

Photo Study - Santa Monica Visit

What does it say about our society and the individuals in it, when whole groups intermingle but act as if they do not see each other?

Bob's Big Boy Went Under?

For those of you who have regularly traveled the I-15 between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, one of the main stops is Baker, Cal

Patron Tequila Photo Event

I worked a recent photo event for Patron Tequila at the Wynn...

HDR Image - Halloran Summit Sphynx

HDR Halloran Summit Sphynx
HDR Halloran Summit Sphynx 2

This is my first experiment with HDR photography - taken of a favorite landmark which I call the Halloran Summit Sphynx, visible from the south-bound side of the I-15 in California, not far from the Nevada state border.

Can you see the sphynx?