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I am announcing AETHEREUM PICTURES, the worlds first film studios whose financial and distribution structure are both based on the decentralized *cryptocurrency model.  If you are interested in investment with cryptocurrency (like bitcoin) or physical world cash, OR if you are a creator/crew/vendor who does or will accept cryptocurrency, contact me via the contact page and select 'Aethereum' under the subject list.

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Working With Lloyd Kaufman on Hellitosis

HSH Prince Shadow Dragu-Mihai & Lloyd Kaufman

I am first A.D. on the feature schlock-horror flick Hellitosis: The Legend of Stankmouth.  So I said to myself I would never direct a slasher pic. That doesn't mean I cannot assistant-direct somone else's movie. (I am also Associate Producer on this film).  This one is produced by director/Producer Robert Mulligan and his Capacity Productions.

HDR Image - Halloran Summit Sphynx

HDR Halloran Summit Sphynx
HDR Halloran Summit Sphynx 2

This is my first experiment with HDR photography - taken of a favorite landmark which I call the Halloran Summit Sphynx, visible from the south-bound side of the I-15 in California, not far from the Nevada state border.

Can you see the sphynx?

San Francisco Quick Trip

Straight Streets and hills in San Francisco
More Straight Streets and hills in San Francisco
Sunshine and Sausalito, San Francisco
Field Outside San Francisco

I took a quick trip to San Francisco in late January 2014. It's a long way from Las Vegas - about 9 hours - and I zig-zagged through Las Angeles on the way to check up on some business there.

While in San Francisco, my partner and I took a few hours to see the city. Here are a couple pics showing the amazingly straight streets (viewed from the tops of hills) and the incredible fields outside the city.  The corner of Sunshine and Susalito is in a small cliffside community on the far side of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Tyson Mansion Shoot

Foutnain Lion - Tyson Mansion
Indoor Fountain - Tyson Mansion
Back Yard - Tyson Mansion

I did a photo shoot with "duinker" Guy Dupuy and some of the promo work was at the Mike Tyson Mansion in Las Vegas. See a composite of Guy Dupuy leaping over a ferrari and dunking in the sports section of my gallery. Here are a couple images taken from the interior of the mansion.

Celebrities Gone Wild

Anita Dollar - Gary Seitz
Cast Of Celebrities Gone Wild

I did behind the scenes and promotional videography and photography for Celebrities Gone Wild starring (and produced by) Gary Seitz as "Anita Dollar" when it performed recently at the Westin Hotel showroom in Las Vegas.

A show like this is interesting to do, especially because you get to see it several times (I saw it at least 3 times in order to get enough footage for the producer's purposes.)  Of course, lighting is always an issue during performances as you cannot use flash photography.

Boxing Photo Shoot

Boxers Said Quali and Denis Douglin between scenes
Stacy McKinley waiting in the ring
Uppercut frozen by the camera!

In January 2014 I had the pleasure to work with the legendary Floyd Mayweather Sr. on an as-yet-to-be-released reality show featuring him and other famous trainers Ruben Guerrero and Yoel Judah.

I worked as video camera operator for behind-the-scenes, interviews, and additional camera operator on fight sequences. I had personal access and permission to take pictures for my own account between shooting and of course outside the set.

Chicago Concert Photoshoot

Chicago In Concert at LVH
Chicago On Stage - LVH
Chicago at LVH

I had the pleasure of being given a media pass and permission to shoot photos of Chicago in concert at the LVH in September 2012.

Here are a couple images from that event.

These represent the type of images I like to get from personalities at events, public or private. People in the moment, relating to each other, not posing for the camera.

Nellis Air Force Training Photos

Jet over North Las Vegas
Dogfight Over Las Vegas
Las Vegas Flight
Training Flight Over Las Vegas

Working on reality television as I do, I spend lots and lots of time in Las Vegas, Nevada.  In case you hadn't noticed, it has become a staple of reality shows - almost a requirement of the format in fact - that the show either be shot entirely in Las Vegas or it goes there more than once.

Why I Will Not Work For Criss Angel Again

Criss Angel FAA Rules Violation July 27, 2013

As many of you know, I have worked in film and television since the early 1990s.  In Las Vegas, I have the chance to work on a great many productions, especially reality show productions.


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