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I am announcing AETHEREUM PICTURES, the worlds first film studios whose financial and distribution structure are both based on the decentralized *cryptocurrency model.  If you are interested in investment with cryptocurrency (like bitcoin) or physical world cash, OR if you are a creator/crew/vendor who does or will accept cryptocurrency, contact me via the contact page and select 'Aethereum' under the subject list.

NOTE ===> Before you receive any information about Aethereum Pictures to your inquiry:

  • You WILL have to disclose and prove your identity.
  • You WILL have to represent you have one or more of:
    • some financial capability and willingness (if you like the opportunity)  to invest/contribute/ in bitcoin or in cash that can be converted to bitcoin; and/or
    • some ability and willingness (if you like the opportunity) to pre-purchase commercial shares in cash or bitcoin; and/or
    • some goods/services which, (if you like the opportunity) you can trade in or contribute in return for ownership equity (for instance, office space, computer hardware or time, marketing, printing...); and/or
    • expertise in any industry, or technical expertise (including coding and experience developing cryptocurrency, encryption, bitcoin, mobile apps, marketing software, etc.) which could assist to developing a financial and economic model aimed at specific industries as well as at individuals, and willingess to exercise that on a "sweat equity" basis;
  • You WILL have to execute a MUTUAL NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT before receiving any information other than contact information.

So please do not bother making inquiry if this is not you bag or if you only want to know what is going on. You will not get or give anything intersting if that is the case.

*if you do not know what cryptocurrency or a bitcoin is, you are in danger of allowing events in the world to overtake you. Having said that, you can and should get involved in the new paradigm right now. Getting involved with Aethereum Pictures or Purchasing Aethereum Pictures cryptocurrency is one way of doing that.

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