See some of Shadow Dragu-Mihai's professional credits in the following links:

Entertainment lawyer to Procuer, Shadow has a broad and deep experience covering hands-on production at numerous positions, especially Director, AD, Line Producer, PM and Cinematographer, but also covers story producing, art department, construction, coordinating, accounting, editing, special effects, stunt coordinator and stunt support, and more. He works often as a Supervising Producer or Development Producer.

His wide industry background includes unscripted production on major shows including Top Chef Masters, Next Top Model, Hell's Kitchen, Next Great American Baker, Gigolos, American Ninja Warrior, Red Neck Vacation, Mystery Diners, Jeff Ross Roasts America, Real World, Road Rules, Pauly D, Mob Wives, Criss Angel Believe, and many more.

Shadow's feature film and TV experience includes work on Ali, Clockstoppers, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Bashing, NCIS, The Spy Who Boned Us, Floyd Mayweather's KNOCKOUT, the first (and to date only) professional Los Angeles stage production of the Tony & Obie Award winning choreopoem for colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf since its national run in 1984, and many more.

Shadow developed and sold the unscripted Chronic Problems, which eventually became Bud Empire (History Channel, Canada), about the infamous self-agrandizing, narcisssistic medical marijuana grower Bob Kay, who attempts to manipulate family and friends in service of his own ego and bank account.