Shadow Dragu-Mihai, Esq. is available on a contract basis to assist outside production. His 20+ years in film and music includes enterainment law, accounting, and hands-on work in cinematography, directing, production management, script development and more. Shadow has deep skills across the entire production process from development through distribution, from creative and artistic through legals and tax incentives. Shadow works on assignment variously as a director, or as a line producer, supervising or consulting producer. Among others, here are some of the positions Shadow has done and continues to do:

Directing. Shadow is an award-winning director (including drama, action and comedy). He works in short form, series, feature film and live theatre. Shadow is known for his work with particularly difficult material - such as poetic works or projects which cross or combine genres and forms, and action. Shadow is one of the leaders of Facet-ODG's new Virtual Theatrical initiative, where new forms of live theatre and performance art are being created, for the benefit of a world-wide audience.

Production Supervision: as Supervising Producer or Executive In Charge, Shadow has shepherded productions from development through delivery. Film and series production has many moving parts. In the complex filmmaking environment, the timing and details of many small tasks can affect the whole in sometimes unexpected ways. Shadow has a wholistic viewpoint and the experience to trouble-shoot potential issues before they become obstacles. He can help structure your production for optimal communication and management, so that the project gets done on budget, on time, and as the best creative expression possible.

Production Management - Hiring, firing, budgeting, scheduling, cost tracking and forecasting, contracts for crew, cast, locations and vendors, permits, insurance, logistics and delivery... from script breakdown through daily catering, Shadow can assist with the smooth running of your production.

Development - Name talent and key crew attachments, pitch decks, script and story development are very important and sometimes difficult tasks. Shadow has worked with some of the best known artists in entertainment, including Sally Kirkland, Michael Mann, James Woods, Amir Naderi, Matthew Perry, Jaqueline Bisset, Robert Beltran, Sarah Paulson, Criss Angel, Gordon Ramsay, to name just a few. Shadow is an accompished script writer, and teaches screen writing with international online academies. As a key Creative, Shadow has a large artistic vocabulary and broad filmic and theatrical experience that spans genres, periods and international tastes. He combines this with hands-on knowledge of production, so that a script can be focused to wring out every creative ounce from a given budget.

Distribution - Shadow has relationships with various distribution platforms and partners, and can assist from the beginning with the plans for exploitatioin of your production. After all, you need to make a profit, to produce more content.