Projects In Preparation

As a creator, HSH Shadow Dragu-Mihai is always in development on one or more projects. Here are a few which he is working on diligently...

At The Mountains Of Madness. A feature film adaptation of the well-loved H.P. Lovecraft novelette.

"In 1930, Professor William Dyer is the geologist on an expedition from Miskatonic University to the Antarctic Subcontinent led by Professor Lake, a biologist. Early finds are astounding and suggest a complete re-ordering of earth's biological history, but shortly the expedition experiences far more alarming and horrific discoveries which could, if not left alone, could threaten the world."  This work is well loved and perhaps more anticipated as a film than any other Lovecraft writing; the feature film adaptation is a live action production heavy with 3D and visual effects. The story has a unique point of view but is faithful to the Lovecraft story.

Shadow directed and produced an audio-book version of this work which was published, coincidentally, just days before NBC-Universal dropped the much-anticipated feature film project to have been directed by Guillermo del Toro.  Shadow had been developing an original screenplay based on the work and when NBC-Uni (who had never officially agreed to fund the project) finally announced they were passing and the del Toro project was dead, he announced the project through Stella James Studios.

Followed a brief angry exchange with a disgruntled producer (remaining nameless here) who apparently felt he had been dumped along with the now-defunct project, which he had been strategizing to get NBC to fund. Among other things, the producer alleged (disingenuously) that he had a copyright assignment to the original Lovecraft work. He was unaware that Shadow is an experienced entertainment attorney, and had already traced copyright to the Lovecraft work. Knowing that the Guillermo del Toro project's only possible copyright related only to del Toro's own original script and not the Lovecraft work it was allegedly based on, Shadow called the producer's bluff and promised not to proceed with his own project if the producer could show chain-of-title. Neither the producer nor NBC-Uni (who did not actually support the assertion, but who was involved in the communications through its then VP of Legal Affairs Dave Berg) could produce any document in evidence (since it could not actually exist). Finally, NBC simply requested that Shadow clarify in public documents that his project had no connection with NBC-Uni (who had dropped a number of projects for budgetary reasons along with the del Toro project).

This, Shadow did and again here affirms that his At The Mountains Of Madness is an original work in active development and that it has nothing whatsoever to do with the Guillermo del Toro project passed-on or otherwise dropped by NBC-Universal. Shadow has not seen, nor has he had the opportunity to see, the del Toro script or any excerpt from it, if it in fact exists.

The Power Of One

In this mini-series reminiscent of James Burke's phenomenal The Day The Universe Changed, HSH Shadow Dragu-Mihai himself takes the viewer along a storied, re-enacted and reasoned journey of discovery and consequence.

The world is converging from diversity to a single method of doing things. Technology is leading to "one way" of communicating; the food and farming industries long ago moved to single crop systems, and are going to single genome crops; in politics, a single western-method of states and "democracy" is being constructed and expanding; corporations are becoming ever larger in size and less in number and concentrating enormous amounts of legal and economic power into a miniscule number of hands. This headlong run into reliance on a single path is dangerous and contrary to everything science observes in nature, which suggests that long-term viability is only possible through diversity.  If not halted, this  will inevitably lead to the end of humanity and civilization, not merely "as we know it," but fully and in fact.

In the Power Of One, HSH Shadow Dragu-Mihai illustrates and discusses many specific examples in which diversity is now dominated or entirely monopolized by a single method, a single corporation, a single product, a single culture or political order. He shows how continuing the trend will necessarily lead to stagnation, loss of meaningful human rights, the inability to adapt, and probable extermination. Such stagnation is far from limited to farming and food supply, but extends across industries and economic structures, into entire political and cultural orders and human society as a whole.

The Power of One is not a mere protest or complaint. It does also contain a solution to the problem.