HSH Shadow Dragu-Mihai works in film/tv and over the years has become accomplished in a number of areas. Read his summary bio below. Legitimate productions may request download links to the following resumes by using the contact form on this site:

Brief resume covering Assistant Director, Line Producer, UPM, Coordinator and similar functions.
Camera Brief resume covering work as Director Of Photography, film & video Camera Operator and Assistant Camera.
Directing Brief Resume covering Directing work in short, feature film, live theatre, as well as writing credits.
Photography Very brief resume of photography work and skills. See studiomenage.com for sample galleries.
Curriculum Vitae A Detailed Curriculum Vitae, covering most professional and artistic background, as well as educational work, political and community activities. This is a long document.
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A (very) partial list of film/tv credits are at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1323667


Professional BIO

HSH Shadow Dragu-Mihai has many years professional background in film, television and the arts.

Out of high school, Shadow worked as a professional jazz trumpet player. He worked live stage shows and studio session work. Soon though, he entered the world of banking, and at age 21 became the youngest person in the history of the Royal Bank of Canada to administer a branch of the bank. His career in the bank was described as "meteoric" - in a few short years he worked in over 10 branches progressing in responsibility, and even spent time on the controller's desk for the western division of the bank.

Shadow is an individualist at heart and he felt banking - indeed corporate culture in general - was not to his temperament and skills. After several years with the bank he opted to return to university. He studied political science (honors) at the University of British Columbia, in which he excelled. His academic qualifications netted Shadow an invitation into a combined political science Masters and Ph.D. program by Stanford University. He chose instead to attend law school and graduated with his law degree from the University of British Columbia. Focused legal studies included constitutional law, corporate law and alternative dispute resolution. Shadow's legal work, combined with his talent in political science and views on rights of the individual have shaped some of his later activities.

In his early law practice, Shadow worked on several high-profile corporate matters. He did the preparatory work for the 'butterfly reorganization' of Earl's Restaurants in Canada for the owner, Hermann Baron von Pfetten, and worked on the tax issues relating to the reorganization  of Century 21 Real Estate Canada Corporation for founder Peter Thomas and what was then his Samoth Capital Corporation.

While corporate and tax law were (and remain) interesting to Shadow, he excelled at litigation. Within a short time he was tapped for the litigation department of new law firm when the office he worked with spun off separate barrister and solicitor partnerships.

After a year with the new firm, Shadow founded his own office and built a successful entertainment litigation practice. At the same time, he attended film school and studied lighting, cinematography, special effects and stunt support - doing special effects practical work on the set of the XFiles. Film production became Shadow's main occupation and he has worked principally in that industry since 2000.

HSH Shadow Dragu-Mihai does a variety of work in film and television. He is an award -winning Director, an accomplished Cinematographer, a Writer and Producer. Under the general label of producing, he works variously as Line Producer, Production Manager, Coordinator and often as First Assistant Director. He has written and produced feature films and shorter works, directed live theater, and works constantly on art projects as well as commercial film productions. His enduring interest and talent for the visual still brings him assignments as camera operator and Director of Photography, and has netted him recognition for his accomplished still photography.

A (very) partial list of productions and companies Shadow has worked with:

Bashing (feature film)
Ali (feature film)
America's Next Top Model
Hell's Kitchen
Food Network
Restaurant Express
T Group Productions
High Noon Entertainment
Wilhelmina Models
495 Productions
Gigolos (Showtime - Long Pond)
Squish Kitty
RelativityReal (Relativity Media)
Ciroc Vodka
Golden Harvest
Long Pond Entertainment
VAHS Entertainment
Rumble In The Bronx