In Development

Variously in development and preparation now, Shadow has created the following original properties:

  • Nightcrossings - Tara LaFontaine, private eye does most of her work in the shadows - come watch this new supernatural private eye series and feature film produced for Facet-ODG,
  • Hope - the slave ship Hope is sunk by a British frigate, but one member of it's human cargo reaches across time and space - to the decks of a world war II submarine. Maritime, dark fantasy, war, series for Facet-ODG
  • Untitled Eartha Kitt Project (see Eartha Kitt Movie Website). Second unit on this feature film begins December 2020.
  • Influential Women - series profiling influential women who shaped our history and culture, series for Facet-ODG

Interested industry parties may obtain information on these projects by contacting Shadow through this website. A non-disclosure agreement may be required.