In Development

Variously in development and preparation now, Shadow has created the following original properties:

  • Nightcrossings - Tara LaFontaine, private eye does most of her work in the shadows - come watch this new supernatural private eye series and feature film produced for Facet-ODG,
  • Hope - the slave ship Hope is sunk by a British frigate, but one member of it's human cargo reaches across time and space - to the decks of a world war II submarine. Maritime, dark fantasy, war, series for Facet TV
  • Emeraude - animated. Supernatural historical adventure set in 2nd century Roman Dacia (modern day Romania). Marcus Julius Caesar is a decendant of the famed Dictator of Rome in service of the Emperor Trajan's legions during the Dacian Wars. His promotion from military Tribune to Legatus is blocked by a political rival. He is sent on a mission to investigate rumors of the revival of the mythical Dragon Princes of Dacia, to get him out of the way. The journey is dangerous, but what he finds is unexpected, and still more dangerous.
  • Influential Women - series profiling influential women who shaped our history and culture, series for Facet-ODG

Interested industry parties may obtain information on these projects by contacting Shadow through this website. A non-disclosure agreement may be required.