House Dragu-Mihai

His Serene Highness Prince Shadow Dragu-Mihai, Prince of Wallachia, ('Domn al Țării Românești,' or Prince of the Lands of the Romans*), is the senior Member of the Romanian royal and princiary House Dragu-Mihai.

Prince Shadow holds the Office of Executor for the House. He is responsible for official communications and administration of the House, as well as its public relations. He represents House Dragu-Mihai in official capacity although often with other Members.

Prince Shadow undertakes personal advocacy in addition to and outside those of the House. Some of these are included on this website. He will make public appearances in official capacity upon request to the House, and can consider advocacy or human rights initiatives, also upon request to the House.

House Dragu-Mihai is the successor to the traditional Romanian royal House Dracul, or the Drăculești, one of the two ethnic royal houses of Romania. More about the House can be obtained from dragumihai.com, the House website.

*Romania was a Roman possession ("Wallachia" or "Vlachia" is an old German name for Rome) upon its conquering Dacia. Romanians today remain a Latin people, surrounded by Slavic peoples. Their language, with some Slavic interpenetrations especially over the last 50 years due to political influences, is remarkably identical to Roman Latin, and Romanian people are happy to identify as Roman or Daco-Roman.