Shadow Dragu-Mihai is appointed the EIC of Facet TV - On Demand Global Media.

Facet-ODG is a new streaming and distrbution platform, with a new business model designed to address the realities of the digital world, for the independent media producer.

Facet-ODG is developing a comprehensive new media platform, and working with creatives and producers to create new dramatic experiences based in our established drama and film art forms. We are becoming the leader in development of a new Virtual Theatrical environment.

Learn more about Facet-ODG at the main website at ondemand.global and at the public access site (currently in development) at Facet.TV

Independent content producers should contact Facet-ODG through the official website at ondemand.global.

Public and those wanting to be on the email list should subscribe to one or more of the Facet-ODG newsletters on the ODG website.