Behind-The-Scenes with Danielle Delaite Shooting Stars Video

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Had the  pleasure of working with the beautiful and talented Australian singer Danielle Delaite (see her website) while she worked on the video for her single Shooting Stars.
I got to do behind-the-scenes photos, and Danielle graciously posed for me for some publicity images, too.

Here though, are a few selects from the behind-the-scenes portion of the shoot.
The shoot was at the famous abandoned Rock-a-Hoola water park in Newberry Springs California. I see this location every time I travel between Las Vegas and Los Angeles, which I do often. I have always wanted to do a photo shoot there - it is one of the most fantasized-about locations of photographers and film-makers - so when I had the chance to work with Danielle, how could I refuse?

Danielle Delaite Shooting Stars
Danielle Delaite - Makkeup Touchup
Danielle Delaite On Set
Danielle Delaite On Camera
Danielle Delaite - BTS