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In case you wondered... yes I have had a roof over my head since September, shortly after you stopped communicating and a few weeks before I began sending money to you.  I have been sending you cash because I am sure you can use it. I am trying to send you something every time I get money in. I hope it has helped you out.

I have not had stable enough income yet to have a full regular rental place and ensure I can keep it. When I do, I will find a home that is reasonable and convenient and it will be time to contact you and ask to start over. I have been using Airbnb mostly and staying a week to a month in various places. It hasn't been bad, and I have got a lot healthier.

You have to, you HAVE TO tell me if you intend never to be with me again, as I asked in a previous post.
And if you cannot tell me that - it is time to start communicating with me again. Because I hope and intend to ask you back soon.