Done the Feature

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Well it was a quick but intense feature! Hellitosis: The Legend of Stankmouth was a good experience overall as First AD and Associate Producer.

We went overtime only on the last day and then only 20 minutes. The production designer started 2 hours early on the first and last days. Apart from those production-required hours, I was able to organize and manage the set so that the director got every single shot he was looking for, apart from a half day of pickups which we planned for before shooting (2 scenes we intentionally put off...)

I thought I was pretty tired the last night, but several people remarked that they wished they were as fresh and energetic as I was... guess it goes with the territory of being an AD but I did in fact feel excited that it was coming together so nicely and even though it was the last day of seven in a row (we did day one with a couple days in between) I guess I was pretty energetic above my fatigue.

So today I took the day off and followed up on a couple of gigs which are *supposed* to be on deck right now...

It really was a good experience - the crew was great, the cast drama-free and it was a lot of fun.

MUA was *not* up to your standards (which are now my standards) but she got through it... I tried to support her and give her some guidance. I tried to do that with everyone.

One of the actors ferreted out my titles early on and so I am a celebrity among the crew. I wonder if they all seemed so nice and respectful because of my background or the way I treated them? I hope the latter though probably the title put a gloss over it...

It's not the kind of movie I would ever write, but it really was a pleasure to work on it because of the people and the creator who is really focused about his projects while remaining human. (I think I can no longer say I would never direct a slasher pic since I had to 2nd unit direct a couple scenes, and of course AD always involves actual direction anyway, and I did a lot of it on this project).

The worst day on set is better than the best day on any other job. I am blessed to work in this industry. I tried to express that to everyone, and it did seem to get through...