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Done the Feature

Well it was a quick but intense feature! Hellitosis: The Legend of Stankmouth was a good experience overall as First AD and Associate Producer.

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Room In Tarzana


So for the last couple weeks I have been taking care of a friend's apartment in Tarzana while she is away in NYC. Elia is an actress and kind of a trust fund kid.

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Desert Tree

When I saw this photo, I could picture you sitting up at the apex, breathing in the heavens and transferring the energy between sky and earth.

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Cherry Blosson in Japan

Japan - blossons

I want to take you here, play in the blossoms with you, surrounded by the fragrance; I want to watch as you clothe yourself in them - the lady of the blossoms - and record it in my camera.

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Me & Lloyd Kaufman

I am first A.D. on the feature schlock-horror flick Hellitosis: The Legend of Stankmouth.  So I said to myself I would never direct a slasher pic.