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Lunch In Toluca lake

Lunch At Paty's

Had a tasty hamburger at Paty's in Toluca Lake - just a couple doors down from where we met Alex Campbell about the series.

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Cool House In Woodland Hills

Woodland Hills Mansion

So on October 16, I did a photo shoot supplemental to a video shoot done in a mansion in Woodland Hills.

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Blood Moon

Blood Moon 2015

I was shooting Hellitosis on the night of the blood moon. I saw the eclipse and the entire thing turn red, disappear and reappear.

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Blue Moon

A nice simple dinner tonight of delicious pork chops, and brocolli. Good after over a week of cheap catering on Hellitosis...

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*WHY* I need you

So the last meal we shared, in July, I told you that I needed you. You looked interested, and I said to help me with marketing and identity and such.

I made that up.